Put November 5th on your calendar. That's the date for a road trip to Scofield House.  We have a candidate who will be raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason at this historic place. 

​We will be leaving the lodge about 8 am and winding our way to Madison. The ceremony will probably start at 11:00.

Masonic Education *NEW* 10/3/16

Brother Frank Hughes with Worshipful Past Grandmaster William A. Reiners.  Worshipful Past Grandmaster Reiners presented Brother Frank with the Raymond L. White Distinguished Military Service Award for his service to our county in WWII, as well as his continued service to Keystone Lodge and Freemasonry.


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​Max Turner

Freemasonry is a charitable and educational society dedicated to morality, mutual aid, charity, leadership, religious toleration, and political freedom. Masonic Lodges are found around the world. In every free country there are Freemasons. There are over 4,000,000 Masons world wide. In the United States there are over 13,000 lodges.

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